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Is Pizza Really Healthy For Us?

It has been found that in ancient Greece, a flat bread was made that the Greeks covered with oil, cheese and aromatic herbs smashed with hot plates for a few minutes to get that flattened. It has also been described in ancient Rome as a kind of bread also flattened seasoned with honey, cheese and laurel as a flavoring and that concept of flattened bread is well adapted to a pizza.

Many of us classify pizza as a type of fast food, considering it oily and unhealthy like cheese burgers; However, this is not the case exactly. Although pizza is often sold like other fast foods, it contains a lot of nutrients and wholes that are not considered as junk foods.

Believe it or not, one of the main qualities of pizza is found in tomatoes, one of the main ingredients. Tomato contains some antioxidants, very beneficial in the fight and prevention of many cancers, including those of the mouth and stomach, colon and lungs. It is interesting to note that processed tomato pizza contains a higher concentration of this antioxidant due to the extraction of water during the production process. Pizza dough is also rich with some important antioxidants and miraculously, some can even be amplified during cooking.

The list of healthy ingredients in a pizza does not stop there. For example, onions, being the common ingredient, rich in vitamins, lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels. Olives and red pepper, otherwise most of us can not imagine our pizza, they are excellent for regulating cholesterol levels and are rich in vitamins.

One of the great qualities and characteristics of pizza is its diversity. Its raison d'être is meat, tomato, cheese and some vegetables, and you are free to combine many other possibly healthy elements with it. In this way, you are able to increase the nutritional value and health of this meal.

For example, when you add chicken or any other type of meat, you actually refine your pizza with carbohydrates and proteins. Also, by adding different types of vegetables, you can increase the value of vitamin and diversity, which is even healthier.

Since you can change the dough and sauces as well as the types of cheese that goes on the pizza, the ingredients can vary. You can even include different types of fruits and eggs, and the list is virtually endless. That being said, the benefits of this meal really depends solely on you and your creativity. To order the best
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